Regulament Formula 1 Sezon Competitional 2013 -

Regulamentul Campionatului Mondial de Formula 1 pentru sezonul cmpetitional 2013 - Modificari Majore 2013

There are some small but important changes to the F1 regulations for 2013. This drawing highlights the key revisions that have been made to the FIA's technical requirements for the new cars…

1) Weight - due to changes in their structure, Pirelli's 2013 tyres are around 2kg heavier per set than in 2012, hence the car's minimum weight limit has been increased by the same amount, from 640 to 642kg. As a consequence, the weight-distribution requirement has also been revised to minimum figures of 292kg:343kg front to rear, leaving teams 7kg to play with.
2)Stepped noses - to mask the step in the car's nose (thought unattractive by many), teams are now allowed to place a non-structural 'vanity panel' over this area, the shape of which is strictly controlled by the regulations.
3) Front wing tests - to prevent them flexing, front wings now face a tougher deflection test, with a 1,000N (100kg) load applied at two different points on both the longitudinal and transverse axes. The amount the wing may deflect has been reduced from 20mm to 10mm.
4) Load and crash tests - more severe load tests for the roll structure have been introduced and the crash test requirements modified.
5) Survival cell - the side load test for the survival cell is more severe too, and it must be applied to all chassis produced by a team, rather than to a single example.
6) DRS - active 'double DRS' systems - where the DRS activation mechanism is utilised for other purposes - are no longer allowed (only passive solutions are now considered legal). Also, DRS usage is now limited to the DRS zones in all sessions (previously it could be used anywhere during free practice and qualifying).

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01 Lewis Hamilton  
02 Nico Rosberg  
03 Daniel Ricciardo  
04 Sebastian Vettel  
05 Fernando Alonso  
06 Valtteri Bottas  
07 Jenson Button  
08 F. Massa 00



01 Mercedes  
02 Red Bull Racing  
03 Williams-Mercedes  
04 Ferrari  
05 McLaren-Mercedes  
06 Force India-Mercedes  
07 STR-Renault  
08 Lotus-Renault 00


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Malaeziei - Kuala Lumpur


Vineri - 27 mar 2015
Antrenamente 1 04:00
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Sambata - 28 mar 2015
Antrenamente 3 08:00
Calificari 11:00


Duminica - 29 mar 2015
Cursa 09:00



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